Studying at the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering gives you many possibilities for your future career. Our programmes provide graduates with an ability to work in and between a wide variety of fields. They range from traditional Electrical Engineering and Communications Engineering to Biomedical Engineering and Acoustics. The curriculum is flexible and allows students to study a unique combination of courses to suit their own interests.

In the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering students can complete a Bachelor of Science or Master of Science in Technology degree. After the master’s degree, talented students can apply to the School’s doctoral programme and graduate with a Doctor of Science in Technology degree. Studies in the doctoral pogramme mainly comprise of conducting research in the School’s professors’ areas of research.

In the School of Electrical Engineering you can study automation and systems technology, bioinformation technology,electronics electrical engineering and communications engineering.

What’s it like to study in the School of Electrical Engineering? What do the student guilds do? What kind of experiences do the students have? How’s Finland’s first satellite coming along? Learn about student life in our School.

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Non-degree studies

In addition to the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral-degree programmes, the School also offers non-degree studies. Some studies are subject to charge, some are not. Detailed information on non-degree studies is available in the webpage of each education provider.

Open University

Aalto University Open University provides courses that correspond to the degree requirements at Aalto University. The courses are open to everyone regardless of educational background. Through the Open University you can take courses that are organised by the Open University or courses that are organised by the degree programmes. Read more in the Open University homepage.

JOO studies

JOO, the Flexible Study Rights Agreement, provides students of other Finnish universities with the opportunity to study in the School of Electrical Engineering. Read more about the JOO instructions and principles (e.g. JOO course selection, application times, admission criteria) in the Flexible Study Service JOOPAS

Individual courses as non-degree studies

People who have graduated from a Finnish university with a higher university degree have the right to complement their studies by taking courses from the study programmes. Applications for non-degree studies can be submitted at any time. The studies are subject to charge.

LUMA Centre

The aim of the LUMA Centre is to support and advance the teaching and studying of mathematics, natural sciences and technology at all school levels and to increase young people's interest in these subjects. The LUMA Resource Centre at Aalto University that operates in the School of Electrical Engineering offers, for example, introductory courses in space technology and micro and nano technology for upper secondary school students.

The LUMARTS Laboratory that secondary schools can use for laboratory exercises in natural sciences and bio arts also operates in the premised of the School of Electrical Engineering. Read more



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