Health Factory

Health Factory, the newest factory in Aalto University, was established in the beginning of year 2013. There is a demand for companies in the field of health and well-being in societies around the world, and Finland has the expertise and knowledge required for this. Health Factory is a process that channels expertise to where it is needed.

Health Factory solves problems

Health Factory aims to find solutions for health and wellbeing related problems with a social significance.

An example of possible problems to be solved could be new methods required in the cognitive rehabilitation of stroke patients, which is something the Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation has developed in cooperation with the Helsinki University Central Hospital. 

Health Factory supports the establishment of new companies

One of the aims of Health Factory is to create new business activity. A successful solution can be used as a foundation for a new business or may be incorporated as part of an existing company.

Health Factory bridges the gap between research and innovations

Aalto University and its stakeholders are involved

The solutions are assessed by case-specific mentoring groups and clients affected by the solutions. Among the mentors are representatives of Aalto University, University of Helsinki, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Tekes, and Aalto University Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Health Factory is coordinated by Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering.

More information:

Raimo Sepponen
Director, Professor
raimo.sepponen [at] aalto [dot] fi
tel +358 50 551 2223



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