Aalto is open to new ideas for increasing collaboration between students and companies

22. toukokuu 2017

International students require special support for finding employment in Finland.


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Aalto-2 satellite's deployment into orbit delayed

22. toukokuu 2017

The planned deployment of the satellite on Tuesday will have to be postponed due to an extra space walk.

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Aalto-2 satellite goes into orbit to measure the thermosphere

19. toukokuu 2017

The small satellites will be deployed from the International Space Station on 23 May.

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Solar energy to Otaniemi – campus planning invests in energy efficiency

17. toukokuu 2017

Sustainable development has an important role in the development of the Otaniemi campus.


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Multidisciplinary Materials Platform is a game changer

15. toukokuu 2017

Materials research plays an important role in future industrial applications and innovations.

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Aalto among global tech challenger universities

11. toukokuu 2017

Times Higher Education listed 55 universities that think outside the box on collaboration and funding.


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Submit your suggestion for Electrical Engineering Alumnus of the Year 2017

10. toukokuu 2017

The Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering will select its second Alumnus of the Year.


Supercomputer can disprove the theory of sunspot formation

10. toukokuu 2017

A group of researchers believes that contrary to a common model sunspots form near the Sun's surface.

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Design for Value program develops industrial supply chains

8. toukokuu 2017

D4V investigates the impact of digitalization on autonomous end to end supply chain processes.

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Aalto Festival presents student insights

8. toukokuu 2017

May is full of public events at Aalto University.

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Computers learn to understand humans better by modelling them

3. toukokuu 2017

Computers are able to learn to explain the behavior of individuals by tracking their glances and movements.

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University applicants increasingly interested in the field of technology

3. toukokuu 2017

The number of applicants increased for almost every university of technology in Finland.

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Upper secondary school pupils dived into the world of nanosatellites

2. toukokuu 2017

New space missions were created on the basis of the Aalto satellites in the course organised by LUMA Centre Aalto.


Aalto receives top marks from young Finns

25. huhtikuu 2017

According to an image survey, Finns under the age of 30 value Aalto's pioneering spirit.


Nexus selected as winner of Chemist’s Block architectural design competition

25. huhtikuu 2017

The winning entry for the Chemist's Block was created by Anttinen Oiva Architects.

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Aalto-2 satellite arrived at the International Space Station

22. huhtikuu 2017

The Cygnus cargo spacecraft transporting satellites docked on the station at 1.05 pm.

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Second application round for the CCIS Master's programme lasts until 3 May

21. huhtikuu 2017

The six majors in the programme seek IT experts to study for a Master of Science in Technology degree.


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Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation donates more than €3 million

19. huhtikuu 2017

The foundation donated 300 000 euros to a professorship in technology education.


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A new method developed for measuring carbon nanotubes

19. huhtikuu 2017

With this method can be measured e.g. the number of single walled carbon nanotubes and their concentration in a carbon nanotube layer.

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Multidisciplinary themed issue out now

18. huhtikuu 2017

The just-released Aalto University Magazine 19 looks at multidisciplinarity as a competitive advantage.


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Aalto-2 satellite launched into space

18. huhtikuu 2017

The launch from Cape Canaveral was successful and Aalto-2 is on its way towards the International Space Station.

Master the technology, sky is the limit

18. huhtikuu 2017

The four-day LUMA course allows one to dive into nanotechnology and discover: technology is a tool that allows one to do their own thing.

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Aalto University looking for a new President

13. huhtikuu 2017

A call for applications to recruit the next President of Aalto University has been opened. The community’s and stakeholders’ proposals for suitable candidates are also welcome.


Aalto University and KONE deepen collaboration

13. huhtikuu 2017

The focus areas of the research collaboration include wireless technologies and data models for buildings.

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People find changes in user interfaces annoying

12. huhtikuu 2017

A new model of visual learning can be used to efficiently assess the learnability of user interfaces that have changed.

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