Professor Markku Sopanen is working on tailoring materials for use in LEDs and lasers

6. maaliskuu 2015

Optoelectronics can be applied in almost every part of our daily lives.

Science and art

The direct D2D test-bed demo in Mobile World Congress

2. maaliskuu 2015

Aalto 5G networked controlled direct Device-to-device communications test-bed is currently being demonstrated in Mobile World Congress.

Science and art

Professor Visa Koivunen receives European science award

2. maaliskuu 2015

He is awarded for fundamental contributions to statistical signal processing and its applications in wireless communications, radar and related fields


The European roadmap for graphene science and technology

27. helmikuu 2015

Aalto researchers’ interests are particular on Sensors, Photonics and Optoelectronics themes.

Science and art

Aalto Start-Up Center has created nearly two thousand new jobs

26. helmikuu 2015

In 2013 alone the number of new jobs created increased by almost 20 per cent.

Other Press releases

New nanowire structure absorbs light efficiently

25. helmikuu 2015

Dual-type nanowire arrays can be used in applications such as LEDs and solar cells.

Science and art Press releases

Science and industrial products created in Micronova's cleanroom

25. helmikuu 2015

Aalto Nanofab shares responsibility for the cleanroom and its services and manages the cooperation between the users.

Science and art

Nokia Networks, Aalto University and partners combine NFV and SDN for virtualized mobile network

18. helmikuu 2015

Nokia Networks and Aalto University together with Coriant and EXFO, showcase the future of software defined networking (SDN) in mobile backhaul.

Science and art

Summer jobs at RAD department

18. helmikuu 2015

Apply for summer jobs in the Department of Radio Science and Engineering. (The application period has ended.)


Co-operation was discussed at the Bay Area Alumni meet

13. helmikuu 2015

A great group of people gathered with different backgrounds, all of them having Aalto in common.


The latest installation lectures available on video

9. helmikuu 2015

Aalto University's newly tenured professors gave lectures on the pressing issues in their respective fields.

Science and art

Summer jobs (Research assistant positions) at the Department of Communications and Networking (Comnet)

5. helmikuu 2015

Join a dynamic working environment and a ringside seat for the communication systems and networks research. (The application period has ended.)

Studies Other

University introduced with the help of an educational game

3. helmikuu 2015

The Aalto Shock SmartFeet game improved students' skills in practical terms.


Black silicon cells in the hands of robots in EU project

2. helmikuu 2015

Department of Micro- and Nanosciences to coordinate EU project aimed at solar cell commercialisation.

Science and art Cooperation

Aalto University Endowment portfolio returns 6.3% in 2014

30. tammikuu 2015

Purpose of the Aalto University Endowment is to generate additional funding for world-class research and education.


The Rosetta probe witnessed the awakening of the icy comet

23. tammikuu 2015

Researchers discovered that the water vapour streaming from the comet disrupted the solar wind a long way from the sun.

Science and art Press releases

Professor Antti Oulasvirta uses computational science and psychology to improve user interfaces

19. tammikuu 2015

How can we design information technology for human use?


Communication acoustics textbook for engineering students

14. tammikuu 2015

The textbook cover the entire communication path of sound in a broad-scoped manner and include computer models on how hearing works.

Studies Cooperation

Professors Jukka Manner and Jarno Limnéll on the list of influential IT figures 2014

12. tammikuu 2015

Each year the 100 most significant topical influential figures are put on the list.


Mikko Särelä named city resident of the year

7. tammikuu 2015

Achievements in debate on urban planning caught selection panel's attention.


Antti Oulasvirta appointed to the editorial board of IEEE Computer

18. joulukuu 2014

He will start as Column Editor of the “Indistinguishable from Magic” column from January 1st 2015 through December 31st 2016.

Science and art Cooperation

Aalto received 4,7 millions funding from Academy of Finland

17. joulukuu 2014

4,1 million euros for New Energy research projects and 600 000 euros for arctic research.

Science and art Cooperation Other

Finland’s first satellite heads for space in Autumn 2015

17. joulukuu 2014

The Aalto-1 is the first satellite that has been both completely planned and constructed in Finland.

Studies Science and art

Metsähovi Radio Observatory monitors galaxies and forecasts space weather

16. joulukuu 2014

The observatory is internationally renowned for its research on active galaxies, quasars.

Science and art

Antti Oulasvirta receives ERC funding for research on user interface optimisation

9. joulukuu 2014

Oulasvirta's research combines computational sciences with psychology.

Science and art

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