It all starts here!

25. elokuu 2015

Construction of the industrial internet campus begins at Aalto University.

Studies Science and art Cooperation

The world's strongest material is created in Otaniemi

21. elokuu 2015

Investment in equipment is speeding up the research and industrial application of graphene.

Science and art

IEEE GRSS 2015 Education Award to Martti Hallikainen

19. elokuu 2015

The GRSS Education Award is one of the Society’s so called Major Awards.


The journey of the comet "Chury" tracked by the European Rosetta probe will come to a climax on 13th August

12. elokuu 2015

The comet's tail will be at its longest and erosion at its strongest when the probe arrives tomorrow to its closest distance to the Sun.

Science and art

Aalto-1 reaching great heights

7. elokuu 2015

The flight model of the nanosatellite is being assembled piece by piece with help of a well-written guidebook.

Studies Science and art

Finnish electric car owners don't even need a wallet

4. elokuu 2015

The charging business that utilises research done at Aalto University also attracts interest elsewhere in Europe.

Science and art Cooperation

Researchers develop new concepts for a 5G mobile radio access technology

29. heinäkuu 2015

International consortium hopes to unlock spectrum above 6 GHz.

Science and art

Researchers demonstrated the first realization of invisible absorbers and sensors

20. heinäkuu 2015

Absorbers are completely transparent at non-operational frequencies.

Science and art

Professor Taleb takes wireless data transfer into the cloud

17. heinäkuu 2015

Professor Taleb is one of the people involved in building the 5G network data transfer. Before Aalto University he worked in Japan and Germany.

Science and art

11,741 bachelor's level applicants to Aalto University this spring

2. heinäkuu 2015

The results of national joint applications to higher education institutions have been published through the Studyinfo service.

Studies Other

Bachelor’s degree selection results published through Studyinfo at the latest on 3 July

29. kesäkuu 2015

Keep up-to-date through My Studyinfo -service


Open University courses in Autumn

25. kesäkuu 2015

Courses are open to everyone regardless of their background or age.


Aalto University to build Finland’s Centenary Satellite

24. kesäkuu 2015

Finland will celebrate it’s 100 years as an independent country by sending a special satellite to orbit in 2017.

Science and art Cooperation Press releases

Industrial internet enables new business models

23. kesäkuu 2015

Opportunities offered by the industrial internet were envisioned at an Industrial Internet partner seminar held on 16 June.


Schoolchildren get to practice science at summer camp

18. kesäkuu 2015

Children seek answers to scientific questions through everyday examples at a science camp focusing on chemistry.


Towards a smart, networked and cybersecure digital society

17. kesäkuu 2015

The 5G technology entering the market at the end of the decade may make denial-of-service attacks impossible.

Science and art Cooperation

Jyri Hämäläinen appointed Dean of Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering

15. kesäkuu 2015

His five-year period as dean starts on 1 August 2015.

Other Press releases

Foundation for Aalto University Science and Technology awarded grants for doctoral studies and postdoctoral visits

14. kesäkuu 2015

The Foundation received a record number of 147 applications, of which 24 received a grant, totalling 178 000 eur.

Studies Honored Science and art Press releases

Team Aalto enters final for worldwide IEEE design competition

12. kesäkuu 2015

A group of students from the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering ranked among the best three in a design competition organised by IEEE.


Data transfer speed of memory tags can be increased tenfold

11. kesäkuu 2015

Fast transfer of data with very low consumption of electricity allows for the use of greater recording capacity in memory tags, according to a fresh.

Science and art Press releases

Energy internet could change the economy

9. kesäkuu 2015

Alex Huang, a visiting professor at Aalto, develops technologies that turn energy buyers into producers and distributors.

Science and art

Busy summer ahead for students

5. kesäkuu 2015

The Aalto-1 builders are now on the homestretch. The last tests before construction of the final flight model are now in progress.

Science and art

Several popular smart phones fail to reach normal Internet speeds

5. kesäkuu 2015

A lot of users are using outdated mobile devices th at fail to reach adequate speeds on mobile networks.

Science and art

Aalto University appoints new professors to the Tenure Track Career System

5. kesäkuu 2015

The following persons have been appointed tenure track professors:

Other Press releases

New professor appointed to Signal Processing

2. kesäkuu 2015

D.Sc. (Tech.) Esa Ollila has been appointed Associate Professor at the School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics


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