Design Factory family expands to New York

30. syyskuu 2016

The learning environment for product development created at Aalto has already spread to 12 universities and research organisations across the world.

Studies Cooperation

End of Rosetta mission signals new beginning

30. syyskuu 2016

Researchers will begin a more active research phase. Rosetta measurements have been carried out at Aalto University from August 2014.

Science and art

Two foundations grant EUR 1.8 million funding for Aalto projects

29. syyskuu 2016

The funded research openings are ambitious and aim to renew the society.

Science and art

Longer service life for aircraft

28. syyskuu 2016

One of Honorary Doctorate in the Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees is Brigadier General (Eng.) Kari Renko, MSc (Tech.).


Finnish Koulu School rises out of the Nevada desert

27. syyskuu 2016

Everyone has something to teach.This is the basic thought behind Finnish peer-learning method Koulu School that captivated the crowds at Burning Man.

Studies Cooperation

Smart lighting is a growing field

27. syyskuu 2016

Professor of Practice Jaakko Ketomäki believes, houses will be sold in the same way that cars are – the equipment and technology will be decisive.

Science and art

2.7 million euros in funding to, a company that is aiming to improve the quality of multimedia calls

25. syyskuu 2016

The founding members of the company predicting quick growth carried out research on multimedia at Aalto.

Science and art

Digitalisation creates new mobility services

23. syyskuu 2016

MaaS, a term undergoing rapid changes in the world, was discussed at the first public lecture held at the Internet Forum.

Science and art

A user-centred approach to smart building research

23. syyskuu 2016

According to Professor of Practice Heikki Ihasalo, digitality will change practices in many sectors – and that includes building technology.

Science and art

Results of research and art visible in the new web service

21. syyskuu 2016 brings together publications and scientific and artistic activities.

Science and art

A man of many hats

21. syyskuu 2016

Jubilee Doctor Matti A. Ranta has many stories to tell. His conferment ceremony has remained in his memories as a particularly magnificent event.


Varun Singh’s thesis received an honorable mention from SIGMM

16. syyskuu 2016

The thesis develops and presents congestion control algorithms and signaling protocols that are used in interactive multimedia communications.

Science and art

Best Paper Award at ICEM

12. syyskuu 2016

Researchers from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation has received the best paper award at ICEM conference.


Dances with waves: breakthrough in moving small objects using acoustics

9. syyskuu 2016

By playing carefully constructed melodies, the scientists can simultaneously move multiple objects on the plate towards desired targets.

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Tuula Teeri: Society needs critical and informed thinkers

6. syyskuu 2016

President Tuula Teeri and AYY's Chair Milja Asikainen discussed the key roles and societal impact of universities at the opening of the academic year.

Press releases

Digitalisation has an ever growing impact on our environment

5. syyskuu 2016

There are over one hundred technology, business and arts professors working in the field of digitalisation at Aalto University.

Science and art

New digital antenna could revolutionise the future of mobile phones

31. elokuu 2016

Combining several antenna elements into a single antenna speeds up data transfer and improves reception and efficiency.

Press releases Science and art

Three Joint SCI/ELEC Thematic Research Programmes Launched

24. elokuu 2016

Each programme to receive funding of 150 000 € over three years.

Science and art

In Metsähovi space is at the end of the radio telescope

19. elokuu 2016

Finland’s only radio-astronomical observatory opens its doors to the public on Sunday, 28 August.

Science and art

New students – welcome to Aalto!

17. elokuu 2016

More than 1 500 new Bachelor’s students and 1 000 Master's students begin their studies in technology, business, and the arts this autumn.


The effects of solar storms are seen on the Earth

16. elokuu 2016

Visiting professor Eija Tanskanen ended up as a researcher when she could not find sufficient answers to her questions.

Science and art

Summer of Startups brings heat to new businesses

15. elokuu 2016

The Aaltoes accelerator programme provides startups with an opportunity to try their hand at full-time entrepreneurship over the summer.


Students created product prototypes in a summer course

12. elokuu 2016

The focus was on projects combining programming with the physical world.


Systems researcher makes life easier

28. heinäkuu 2016

Thanks to Professor Yu Xiao and her colleagues, getting lost at airports and shopping centres may soon be history.

Science and art

Aalto-2 satellite is ready for space

14. heinäkuu 2016

The design and construction of the satellite have utilised technology and experience from Aalto-1.

Science and art Press releases

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