The School of Electrical Engineering consists of five departments and two special units: Metsähovi Radio Observatory, and Aalto Nanofab which is a part of Micronova Centre for Micro and Nanotechnology.

The school is led by the Dean Jyri Hämäläinen, Vice Deans Vesa Välimäki and Keijo Nikoskinen

Directors of departments and units

The school consists of five departments and two special units.


Head of department

Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering Professor Jussi Ryynänen
Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics Professor Jorma Skyttä
Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation Professor Jorma Kyyrä
Department of Communications and Networking Professor Riku Jäntti
Units Director
Metsähovi Radio Observatory Joni Tammi
Micronova: Aalto Nanofab Mika Koskenvuori

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Dean Jyri Hämäläinen

www_HamalainenJyri.jpgJyri Hämäläinen has previously worked as the Professor of the Department of Communications and Networking and as the vice dean responsible for teaching at the School of Electrical Engineering.

Hämäläinen studied, earned his doctorate and worked at the University of Oulu at the Department of Mathematics. He has a doctorate in Applied Mathematics (Ph.D.) and in Signal Processing for Communications (D.Sc. Tech). He defended his doctoral thesis on signal processing in communications in 2007 after working in the industrial field. In 2008, he was appointed as a fixed-term professor at the Helsinki University of Technology, and he was appointed as professor to the Aalto University tenure track career system in 2013. At Aalto University, Hämäläinen has focused his research on wireless networks.

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