Tenure track

The Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering transforms scientific and technological research results to advanced solutions and applications ranging from nanotechnology to space robotics. 

The school research focuses in developing key enabling technologies (micro- and nanotechnology, ICT) and in finding solutions to the grand challenges in the society (energy and environment, health and wellbeing). The strong ties of our research activities to industry foster development of basic research results to applications, services and innovations.  

Open tenure track position

Tenure track openings in Aalto page: Open professor positions.

Recruitment and evaluation criteria

The requirements for tenure track are based on following dimensions

  1. research work, scientific output 
  2. teaching merits and competence 
  3. activity in the scientific community, academic leadership and societal interaction. Relevant industrial experience is appreciated.

General evaluation criteria

The dean makes the final decision in recruitment for the Assistant Professor and non-tenured Associate Professor levels. Aalto University's president makes the final decision when recruitments are made to tenured Associate or Full Professor position.

There are more detailed evaluation criteria in use at the School of Electrical Engineering. More details about the tenure track and requirements at the School of Electrical Engineering are available by request from the school HR.

Aalto University tenure track system


More information

For additional information in recruitment process related questions, please contact HR Coordinator Jaana Hänninen, firstname.lastname [at] aalto [dot] fi.


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