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At the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, science and engineering meet society. Our portfolio covers fields from natural sciences to engineering and information sciences. In parallel with basic research, we develop ideas and technologies further into innovations and services. We are experts in systems science: we develop integrated solutions from care of the elderly to space robotics.



Aalto University appointed three new vice presidents

15. September 2014

The Aalto University Board has appointed three new vice presidents, to commence their work on 1 October 2014.


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Finland needs the best talent to succeed

2. September 2014

President Tuula Teeri emphasised the importance of global competitiveness and know-how based on Finnish strengths during her address at the opening.



2014 / Friday

Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees

10.10.2014 / 13:15 - 16:00

The Aalto University schools of technology will celebrate their 23rd ceremonial conferment of doctoral degrees on 10 October 2014 at Otaniemi campus.

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